Book 1: Table of Contents

Table of Contents from Allowances, Dollars and Sense Preface to Second Edition Acknowledgements List of Worksheets Introduction The Allowance Contract Tricks or Treats? Laughing All the Way to the Bank Spending the Bigger Bucks The Case of the Broken Window The Gift of Giving The Debit Side of the Coin Building the Money Mountain The … [Read the Rest …]

Book 1 Chapter 1 Excerpt

Here’s a brief excerpt from Chapter One (The Allowance Contract) of Book One (Allowances, Dollars and Sense, 2011 edition) by Paul W. Lermitte: In most cases, parents answer their questions about allowance by drawing on their own experiences. They say: “When I was her age, I got 25 cents a week for allowance, and it was … [Read the Rest …]

EXCERPT: From the Introduction

Excerpt from the introduction to the book, Allowances, Dollars, and Sense, first edition.