CBC Doc Zone: Boomerang Generation

On November 10 and 11, 2011, the CBC Doc Zone aired a documentary on the so-called “Boomerang Generation.” Paul Lermitte and his family were one of the families featured in the piece, chosen because Paul and his wife, Jan, have had a longstanding expectation that their three sons would not live with them past the … [Read the Rest …]

Online Financial Information Resources

Here is a list of a number of useful websites with information and activities that teach good financial principles. Most of these sites have materials, including articles, worksheets, games, and more, for all ages, so we’ve grouped them all together instead of splitting them out into different age categories as we did with books. PS: … [Read the Rest …]

Games About Money

What better way to learn than by having fun? The games in this list will help you and your family put some of the ideas and goals in this book into practice in a relaxing and fun environment. We have provided links to where you can find these games online, mostly in the Amazon or … [Read the Rest …]

LIST: Money-management iPhone apps [Link]

Mashable.com has written an overview of several apps they found in the iPhone App Store that help us keep tabs on our spending, saving, bills, shopping, and other money-related tasks. Here is the link to their list.