Original Contest and CyberClub that ran from 1999-2002

Thanks for your interest in the old Making Allowances Contest and CyberClub. During the years 1999-2002, we ran a contest for great money earning and saving tips submitted by young people. We gave out quite a number of prizes to well-deserving kids and teenagers, as well as a few parents. They had some TERRIFIC ideas! … [Read the Rest …]

Books for Kids

  In preparing his own books, Paul has done a lot of reading of what others have to say! Here are some of his favourites, books he recommends that are written especially for children (mostly those under age 12) who want to learn more about saving and growing their piggy bank, or whose parents want … [Read the Rest …]

Financial Literacy for Children: Allowances, Dollars and Sense

by Paul W. Lermitte, Financial Advisor     This book will transform the way you educate your children about money. It’s entertaining, and full of great, practical ideas! In this site, you’ll find some excerpts from the book’s informative content, as well as: Advice for parents Tips for kids (Kids’ Zone) Ideas for teens (Teen … [Read the Rest …]

Don’t Tie My Allowance to Chores or Achievements

Allowances aren’t about pay-back for doing your chores or your schoolwork properly. You should do that anyway! So, what are allowances about, then?

A Great Way to have a (Free) Night Out

Family time out together are a lot of fun — and parents usually even pick up the tab!

Do Your Homework Before You Spend Big Bucks

Do your shopping homework before you buy — and save a bundle!

Laugh All the Way to the Bank

Don’t mope because you have no money. Do something about it!

Case of the Broken Window

It’s important to learn from our mistakes. We need to look after our stuff well!

The Pizza Method of Getting Rich

Small steps can help big dreams come true!

Make Your Dreams Come True!!

Dream big, and then make a plan to help them come true!