Original Contest and CyberClub that ran from 1999-2002

Thanks for your interest in the old Making Allowances Contest and CyberClub. During the years 1999-2002, we ran a contest for great money earning and saving tips submitted by young people. We gave out quite a number of prizes to well-deserving kids and teenagers, as well as a few parents. They had some TERRIFIC ideas! … [Read the Rest …]

Books for Teens

Sometimes it feels like we just can’t possibly learn everything there is to know about a topic. Sometimes the books that are written are too easy to be interesting, or too hard to understand. Teenagers probably experience this frustration more than just about anyone. Paul has especially chosen this list of books he recommends for … [Read the Rest …]

Hot! Do’s and Don’ts for Teens

More financial survival tips, especially for teens… like, don’t let your friends soak you for all you’ve got… and more!

Teens Can Own Stocks! (Think… Pizza!)

By Paul W. Lermitte In this post, Want to Get Somewhere in Life?, I talked about setting goals. This time, I’d like you to think about setting some goals for saving. Perhaps you would like to go to University some day, or buy a car when you turn 17! You may even be thinking about … [Read the Rest …]

How Goals Can Get You Further…

“Hey, look what I did!” The Secret to Success The start of a New Year often coincides with thoughts about things you want to do or change in the coming months. In financial planning this is also true — and goal setting is a practical part of the process. Did you know that most people … [Read the Rest …]

The Gift of Giving: Can You Make a Difference?

You CAN make a difference. Ever thought about volunteering somewhere, for instance?

Making Independent Choices [TEEN]

Just like everyone, you want to be able to make your own decisions about how to spend your money and use your time. Here are some tips to help you make great decisions!

A Season for Basics

Simple ABCs of life that really make it all work out much better… even school!