Message from Paul W. Lermitte

As a financial planner to family business owners for many years, I was surprised to discover that teaching my own boys how to handle money well took a lot more work and thought than I expected!

Together, my wife and I worked out a method for teaching our boys good money management, and I felt I should share what we learned along the way. Also, I realized that this was an important topic for family business owners, too.

Teaching a child to be as skilled a business leader, architect, vintner, optometrist or developer as their great uncle or parents is really important to the success of a family business. So is great financial literacy, especially as more people join the business with each successive generation. Just like reading, the best time to teach our children fundamental principles of great money management is in early childhood, and these lessons take time and maturity to take root.

Serving families in business is still my main business, and our boys are all grown up now and have launched successful careers of their own. One has even created his own business. But writing these books is still a joy, especially when I hear how much readers appreciate the ideas and lessons I recommend.

I trust your children will also benefit, too!