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Books for Teens


Sometimes it feels like we just can’t possibly learn everything there is to know about a topic. Sometimes the books that are written are too easy to be interesting, or too hard to understand. Teenagers probably experience this frustration more than just about anyone. Paul has especially chosen this list of books he recommends…(Read More)

Books for Kids


  In preparing his own books, Paul has done a lot of reading of what others have to say! Here are some of his favourites, books he recommends that are written especially for children (mostly those under age 12) who want to learn more about saving and growing their piggy bank, or whose parents want…(Read More)

Here are some books that Paul recommends for adults who want to explore the topic of financial literacy further. These titles are written for parents, with tips and advice on how to teach their children this important life skill. We have provided you with direct links to these titles in the Amazon store online. [table…(Read More)

Here is one thing I have learned about parents: they can often be very hard on themselves. They worry that they are not doing the right things, that they are not spending enough time with their kids, that they are too strict or too lax. No matter what they do, they do not think it…(Read More) has written an overview of several apps they found in the iPhone App Store that help us keep tabs on our spending, saving, bills, shopping, and other money-related tasks. Here is the link to their list…(Read More)

In this post, Want to Get Somewhere in Life?, I talked about setting goals. This time, I’d like you to think about setting some goals for saving. Perhaps you would like to go to University some day, or buy a car when you turn 17! You may even be thinking about buying a house…(Read More)



These testimonials were published in the original website,, when the first edition of Paul’s book came out in 1999. As the topic of money requires a lot of trust in the person who is advising you, we thought you would appreciate getting a sense of what clients said about Paul…(Read More)