Introduction to Decisions, Dollars & Sense

Front Cover of Book: Decisions, Dollars and SenseBook Three in the Dollars & Sense Books series


Are you a young adult working on your post-secondary education or establishing your career? Your twenties and thirties are an exciting time full of fresh discoveries and new experiences as you claim your independence. At the same time, you are faced with countless and sometimes difficult decisions. What career path should you choose? How should you manage the money you make? What are the best ways to invest your savings? This book aims to provide some guidance a you make important, life-altering financial decisions.

How to Use This Book

Reading this book by topic rather than starting at the beginning might make the most sense. Start by browsing through the chapters that interest you, and then expand your thinking to the other material. Perhaps you have specific questions about, for example, buying a car, renting an apartment, or investing in retirement savings. if you see a topic that calls to you, feel free to jump to that section. This will help you to build your financial knowledge in a way that best suits your own situation. Note that each chapter ends with a summary of my top points, and there is also a subject index.