Book 1: Allowances, Dollars and Sense

Give your kids the gift of financial literacy

The best time to learn about money is from a young age. “If you help your kids develop good money habits when they are young,” writes financial advisor and author Paul Lermitte, “they will have a better chance of being successful as adults.”

Allowances, Dollars & Sense provides practical answers to parent’ many questions about money and kids. When should children receive an allowance? How much and how often? Should allowance be tied to chores? What about bank accounts and debit cards?

Instil positive financial values in your children and you will help them:

  • learn how to set goals and achieve results
  • become money-smart consumers
  • gain confidence in all of their decision-making
  • develop consistent money habits and valuable skills
  • grow up to be financially responsible adults

Since 1999, when the first edition of this book was published, thousands of families have benefited from its sound advice. This revised and updated edition aims to help the next generation…and beyond.

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