Book 2: Dreams, Dollars and Sense

Help your teens achieve financial success

In today’s instant gratification culture, how can you teach your kids to make wise money choices and focus on the future? Get help from an expert! Certified Financial Planner Paul W. Lermitte shares the lesson he learned and strategies he developed in raising his own three sons and consulting with thousand of parents.

Dreams, Dollars & Sense gives parents clear, straightforward guidelines to assist them in passing on their value and ensuring that their teens develop the financial literacy so vital in today’s complex world. Do your kids understand debit and credit and how to use it without risk? Do they have a plan for education savings?

Follow the advice offered in this book to help your teens:

  • avoid the pitfalls of “marketing madness”
  • Learn about short-term savings and investments
  • Gain independence and make good decisions
  • Dream big, set goals, and achieve results
  • Develop their business skills and get their first job

A follow-up to the author’s best-selling Allowances, Dollars & Sense, this essential guide — full of family-friendly ideas and tips — provides the answers you need to set your teens on the road to financial independence.

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