Dollars and Sense Books

Paul’s first book in the Dollars and Sense series, Allowances, Dollars and Sense, helps parents teach children aged 5 – 12 foundational financial literacy lessons. This international bestseller offers new insights on familiar topics such as chores and allowances, and introduces more challenging conversations such as charitable giving and planning for holiday spending money.

The second book, Dreams, Dollars and Sense, guides parents of teenagers (ages 13 – 19) with age-appropriate advice and suggestions on helping them get started in their first job, think about what they want to do after high school, and maintain internet safety, amongst other fundamental financial topics relevant to teenagers that help prepare them for adulthood.

Decisions, Dollars and Sense, Paul’s third book in the four-part series, provides 20- to 39-year olds sound financial guidance to help them create a personal strategy for wealth creation. Paul covers a range of topics that help young adults make wise decisions early in their home- and career-building lives, help them understand their personal ideas and habits around money, gain money-management skills, and begin an investment plan.

The fourth book that Paul has planned, A Legacy of Dollars and Sense, will be written to guide family enterprise leaders with their family business issues. We plan to release this fourth book in 2019.