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Paul W. Lermitte, a fun-loving, energetic and experienced author, financial advisor, and speaker!

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Paul Lermitte is an experienced financial planner, specializing in caring for clients who have a family business and other related family enterprises. He’s seen it all: great ideas turned into great realities, multiple family groups working together to build an ever-stronger family-owned business, successful transition of the business management from one generation to another, and even family feuds that threaten everything.

He works hard to help his clients through the many transitions and challenges that family business, and the families who rely on them for a living, go through. He is an enthusiastic, fun-loving people-person, just as you see in his picture. At the same time, he takes family and community life very seriously.

Along the way, the subject of how to teach children, teens, young adults, and even mature members of the next generation of family members who are getting ready to take their place of responsibility as managers and leaders, comes up… over and over!

As a professional financial planner who appreciates the importance of financial literacy and the impact that wise versus unwise money management has on a family’s security and lifestyle, Paul, along with his wife, Jan, felt it was crucial to teach their own children these fundamental skills, too. Thus was the “Dollars and Sense” training system developed, with three young boys as the first “guinea pigs” to test the system. Happily, the boys are all grown up now since the first edition was published, and Paul and Jan are happy to confirm that their money management training method works!