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“Paul has captured and articulated one of the most complex issues that we all have – our relationship to money.… Decisions, Dollars & Sense moves our money relationship and journey forward.”Ann Dugan,
Family Office Exchange, Chicago

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“In a nutshell, Allowances, Dollars & Sense helps parents instill basic savings and spending skills in their kids.”Tony Wanless,
Financial Post

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“Packed full of practical financial and wise parental advice, Dreams, Dollars & Sense is a must-have in any parent’s library.”Jane Hilburt-Davis,
President, Key Resources LLC

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“Great parents teach their children essential life skills. Money management is a top priority: Paul makes it easy by providing all of the answers.”Les Hewitt
best-selling author, The Power of Focus

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Decisions, Dollars & Sense is an excellent book that should be required reading for both millennials AND their parents! Your life will be better if you follow the guidance offered in this book.”Wayne Stetski,
Member of Parliament, Kootenay-Columbia

The Family Finances Series

Author Paul W. Lermitte is a Financial Enterprise Advisor and also a parent. He knows the challenges parents face in teaching their children how to manage money.

His Family Finances series of books covers a spectrum of ages, from children to teens to young adults. This practical series promotes financial literacy for all.

Allowances, Dollars & Sense: A Proven System for Teaching Your Kids About Money by Paul W. Lermitte

FOR CHILDREN. Here are practical answers to parents’ many questions about money and kids.

Dreams, Dollars and Sense

FOR TEENAGERS. Clear guidelines to help teens develop financial literacy so vital in today’s complex world.

Decisions Dollars And Sense: Helping You Navigate Your Financial Future by Paul W. Lermitte

FOR ADULTS. Sound guidance to help young people gain money-management skills and begin an investment plan.

A Legacy of Dollars & Sense: Expert Advice on Family Wealth Legacy Planning by Paul W. Lermitte

FOR FAMILIES. Straightforward strategies to help families in business prepare the next generation to take charge.