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Category: Resources

Humanitarian Organizations

Paul says in his book, “For charitable giving especially when disaster strikes, the following organizations have a strong track record for their aid efforts in North America and overseas. Their websites feature up-to-date information on areas of the world where help is needed.” The names of the organizations in the table below are clickable/tap-able so…

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Financial Information Online

Here is a list of a number of useful websites with information and activities that teach good financial principles. Most of these sites have materials, including articles, worksheets, games, and more, for all ages, so we’ve grouped them all together instead of splitting them out into different age categories as we did with books. [table…

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Books for Adults

Here are some books that Paul recommends for adults who want to explore the topic of financial literacy further. These titles are written for parents, with tips and advice on how to teach their children this important life skill. We have provided you with direct links to these titles in the Amazon store online. [table…

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Books for Kids

  In preparing his own books, Paul has done a lot of reading of what others have to say! Here are some of his favourites, books he recommends that are written especially for children (mostly those under age 12) who want to learn more about saving and growing their piggy bank, or whose parents want…

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Books for Teens

Sometimes it feels like we just can’t possibly learn everything there is to know about a topic. Sometimes the books that are written are too easy to be interesting, or too hard to understand. Teenagers probably experience this frustration more than just about anyone. Paul has especially chosen this list of books he recommends for…

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Money-Management iPhone apps

Please note: The following is not an endorsement of these products, this is for your information only, and to give you some ideas on tools you can explore to help you and your children with their money-management efforts. Please research your selections carefully. I hope you find one you really like! has written an…

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