Making School Work for You!

School and the fall season go together! And so do some other things – shopping for new school clothes, starting music lessons and sports teams, and doing your homework. All these things remind me that there are a few important things to concentrate on in your life, things that you can work on all your life. I call them the ABC’s of life.

Work Hard!

Do the best you can on your school work and take care to study each day. Help your parents around the house and do the chores you are asked to do. Make a goal to get your homework done on time.

Eat good food!

Everyday eat some fruit, some vegetables, and fresh whole wheat bread or pasta. Cookies, candy and sodas are fun to eat and drink, but they should only be for a treat – not something to have several times a day.

Exercise every day!

Don’t be a slug or a TV tubby! Ride a bike, walk to school if you can, play ball with your friends, join the running club at school. Take time every day to move your body and play. You’ll feel happier and healthier if you do.

Save some money!

Remember to make a plan for what to do with your allowance. Save some of your money each week so that you can buy or do something that is special to you (such as buying a special game or toy).

Have fun!

Do something you enjoy every day. Read a book with your mom or dad. Play a board game. Draw a picture or start a new hobby. Invite a friend over after school to play.

Going back to school gives you the chance to do many new things. You can spend time with friends, or even make new friends. You can learn more about the world we live in. You can learn new skills. Learning is an important part of life so make the most of it! This September commit yourself to having a great year at school!

ABCs — Photo by tiffanywashko