These testimonials were published in the original website,, when the first edition of Paul’s book came out in 1999.

As the topic of money requires a lot of trust in the person who is advising you, we thought you would appreciate getting a sense of what clients said about Paul back in the ’90s, and the depth of Paul’s experience in this profession. As a bonus, we even included a screenshot of that old webpage, including a picture of Paul we thought you might enjoy!

“As a person, I find Paul to be trustworthy and open.” — Mr. Vern Postman

“The one thing that we think is unique about Paul is that he has the ability to integrate personal life with business life. His business is important to him, and so is his family. And he is able to blend the two together well. He helps us to plan our business that way, with an emphasis on striking a good balance.” — Carl Van Noort, Van Noort Bulb Company

“Paul reflects the validity of his own teachings. He works with integrity and honesty, conveying a strong confidence in his own staff. It is apparent that he has created for himself a stable personal life, as well as a successful, productive business.” — Betty Thomas, Thomas Special Effects

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