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How Goals Can Get You Further…

“Hey, look what I did!”

The Secret to Success

The start of a New Year often coincides with thoughts about things you want to do or change in the coming months. In financial planning this is also true — and goal setting is a practical part of the process.

Did you know that most people who set goals on a regular basis usually achieve those goals sooner than they planned? I believe that goal-setting provides a powerful framework for young people because they can dream “Big” dreams, and break those dreams down into small manageable steps.

A great way to start this process is by thinking about what you want to do or achieve in your life. Write down some ideas on paper (or download The Big Dreams Formula skillsheet here on the website). Then, write down what you can do to help achieve that goal three years from now, one year from now, and one month from now.

For example, suppose your lifetime goal is to go to university after you graduate. If you are 14 years old, your 3-year goals might be to graduate with honours from high school, and to apply for scholarships at your local university. A one-year goal could be to do some investigation on some possible areas of study (perhaps science interests you, or psychology, or P.E.). A one-month goal might be to study your social studies notes so that you can pass the course! Get the idea?

So, grab a pen and paper, and write down those dreams! And, if you want, you could even cut out some pictures related to those dreams, and make a collage or a time-line that can help you visualize your goals. Hang it up somewhere that you will see it regularly, and then go for it!!!